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The Wemyss family have a history with the Whisky industry dating back to the beginning of the 19th century when John Haig took a lease of Wemyss land to build his first distillery. Wemyss estate land to this day is still used to grow some of the finest barley for the industry and the current Cameron bridge distillery is not far from the clan’s seat, Wemyss Castle. Despite the historic connection, it was not until 2005 that William Wemyss decided to found an independent bottler and start blending and bottling specially selected releases, this lead to the purchasing of the Kings Barnes Distillery project and so Wemyss distillation began.

Key people - William Wemyss

Having founded a successful property development business and then broken into the world of Gin with Darnley’s, William Wemyss wanted to be involved with Whisky. Setting up Wemyss Malts to independently bottle and blend Scotch Whisky a great concept was born, naming the Whiskies after their taste profiles to help people find what they like. William now directs Wemyss malts and the sister company Kingsbarns Distillery. 


Wemyss Malts

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