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Discover the Craft Whisky Club Partners

Some of our trusted partners

Our goal is to unearth the next whisky classics. Please find below a selection of the finest Craft Whisky producers. We continue to broaden our search, so please check back from time to time.

Since 1948, Douglas Laing has blazed the trail in whisky production, with a particular eye for artisan, small batch whisky. Now in its third generation of the Laing family, the company strives to challenge perceptions.

We are proud to host R&B Distillers on Craft Whisky Club. We featured their BORDERS Scotch whisky in our February / March 2016 subscription box, paired with Ginger Spice chocolate.

The idea for Mackmyra started on a ski trip in 1998. One year later the first drops of the first ever Swedish malt whisky were distilled. Since then Mackmyra have been innovating and exploring new methods.

In 2011 the founders of Wolfburn Single Malt Whisky travelled to Thurso in Caithness, the most northerly town on the British mainland, in search of the old Wolfburn distillery.

We have featured Compass Box Spice Tree and Oak Cross as indicators of great achievement and perfection. These whiskies have been crafted with such innovative approaches we just come back to this fantasstic artisan whisky maker time and time again.

The Teeling family have been crafting Irish Whiskey since Walter Teeling opened his first craft distillery on Marrowbone Lane, Dublin in 1782.

Teeling Single Malt was named "World's Best" at the 2015 World Whisky Awards.

High West Distillery was founded in 2009 by David Perkins and his wife, Jane. David, a former biochemist, and Jane relocated to Park City, Utah to open the first distillery in the state since 1870.

The first (legal) whisky distillation on the isle of Raasay began mid September 2017, with the opening of R&B Distillers' Isle of Raasay Distillery.

Launched in 2012 by Allison Parc, Brenne applies the principles of terroir to whisky production. They create wonderfully unique French single malt whisky in Cognac, France.

Having studied chemistry and distilling in Scotland, Masataka Taketsuru returned to Japan to produce the first true Japanese whisky founding Nikka in the process.

Distilling in the remote mountainous terrain of West Virginia, Smooth Ambler has an amazing ability for Distilling, Blending and Independent Bottling, creating some of the most innovative spirits in the US. 

The Tweeddale is an ancient Scottish blend resurrected by the great-grandson of the original blender. Using the original cellar book Alasdair Day has brought The Tweeddale back from extinction.

Set in the heart of Brooklyn the New York Distilling Company have brought back Distilling to the heart of New York, opening their doors exactly 78 years after the end of prohibition. 

The Chocolate Tree, Edinburgh's only "bean to bar" chocolate maker, who exclusively works in small batches using superior natural ingredients, ethically sourced and organic.

Setup in 2005 Wemyss strive to Bottle and Blend some of the finest Whiskies in Scotland, uniquely naming them after their taste profile.

Westland are the pioneers of American Single Malt Whisky, having innovated traditions from Scotland they have created a new exciting category of whisky in the craft whisky revolution.