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About BRENNE Single Malt French Whisky

After a career as a professional ballerina, Allison Parc discovered a passion for food and drink that immersed her in cultures from all over the world. Brenne Whisky is crafted from seed to spirit in the heart of Cognac, France in very limited batches. The first expression, Brenne Estate Cask, was launched in October 2012 as a collaboration with a longstanding Cognac producer, who himself had recently started distilling Single Malt Whisky at his farm distillery in the heart of Cognac, France. Brenne went on to introduce ex-Cognac casks into the ageing process, producing a whisky with particularly sweet notes of fruit, pastry and vanilla cream. The average age of Brenne Whisky is 7 years old. 

Key people

Allison Parc, neé Patel started her career as a ballerina, upon retiring from the profession she became fascinated with the food and drink industry and many different cultures. After starting up a company to import drinks into the US that she could not acquire otherwise, she went on a quest to find new and exciting spirits. Her search led her to France where she discovered a Cognac producer making single malt whisky, upon sampling it she encouraged him to apply the principle of terroir to his whisky and Brenne was born.